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KVH GROUP, an Armenian multinational conglomerate that embraces a wide spectrum of industries.businessFounded by Mr. Karen V. Hakobyan the enterprising son of Mr. Versand Hakobyan, deeply rooted in Armenian heritage, the Group stands out as a leader in information technology, shipping, retail, real estate, consumer goods, equine, travel and tourism, consulting, and professional services.  

What sets KVH GROUP apart is its remarkable and sustained growth, making it standout among private sector companies in Eurasia and the Middle East since its inception in 2012. The Group has earned a strong reputation and continues to flourish in various sectors, reflecting its ongoing commitment to development.


  • Forging lasting partnerships that stand the test of time.
  • Nurturing a management approach that values swift decision-making and responsive actions.
  • Keeping a keen eye on market trends and actively seeking out exciting business prospects. 
  • Building a team of dedicated individuals fueled by passion and skilled in harnessing the power of information technology to achieve shared objectives.
  • Cultivating unity among team members, principals, vendors, and clients to ensure smooth collaboration. 
  • Adhering to disciplined financial practices and championing a culture defined by transparency and integrity.